New Norcia

The Deep Space Antenna of New Norcia Ground Station is one of the largest in the world to be used for Telemetry, Telecommand and Tracking applications. TimeTech has provided the Hydrogen Maser Based Frequency and Timing System.




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ESA's second deep space antenna provides significant improvements to ESA's worldwide ESTRACK tracking network. The antenna's first task was to support Venus Express, ESA's first mission to Earth's nearest planetary neighbour. As for the New Norcia ground station, TimeTech has provided the Frequency and Timing System.#




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Malargüe Station

The Malargüe station, Deep Space Antenna 3, is ESA's newest tracking station and is located 30 km south of the city of Malargüe, about 1200 km west of Buenos Aires, Argentina. DSA 3 hosts a 35 m-diameter antenna with transmission and reception in X-band and reception in Ka-band. The frequency and timing system is based on masers and a crycooled sapphire. TimeTech has provided the frequency and timing system and the synthesiser fort he cryocooled sapphire.




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The Rosetta-Mission is one of three cornerstones in ESA's long-term space science program Horizon 2000. The missions target is comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko for measurements in orbit and (by a landing device) on its surface, which may help to understand the origin of the Solar System.




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Venus Express

Venus Express is a ESA mission to study the atmosphere and plasma environment of Venus and is scheduled for launch in November 2005. The Venus Radio Science experiment (VeRa) will perform Radio sounding of Venus atmosphere, ionosphere and the solar corona.




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The Earth Explorer Atmospheric Dynamics Mission will provide improved analyses of the global wind field in three-dimensions. This will correct the major deficiency in current wind-profiling techniques, and also advance the techniques of atmospheric modelling.




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Global Transmission Services is s new system for transferring radio signals from the International Space Station, which consists of a computer system and a radio transmitter onboard the ISS. The system is controlled by a ground control center located in Stuttgart where also the monitoring and processing of the data takes place.




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The Precise Range And Range-Rate Equipment PRARE is a compact, space-borne, two-way, two-frequency microwave satellite tracking system that is in routine operations onboard the second European Remote Sensing satellite ERS-2 since May 1st, 1995.




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ESA’s Remote-Sensing Satellite: a multi-disciplinary payload provides measurements of sea-surface wind speed/direction, sea-surface height, wave height, sea-surface temperature, cloud-top temperature and cover, atmospheric water  vapour, the satellite's orbit and position and radar images of land, ice and ocean regions.




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