TimeTech GmbH productions facilities and equipment cover design, test and development tools and equipment for production and manufacturing in small to medium quantity lot sizes.

Development-, Test- and Measuring Facilities

For high-resolution time, time interval and frequency measuring, TimeTech has a wide range of development-, test- and measuring-facilities to its disposal, such as:

  • Phase noise test system from 5 to 500 MHz incl. variable Delay Line and Calibrator
  • Metrology-grade Frequency Multiplier
  • GPS disciplined rubidium clocks
  • Very stable BVA crystal reference oscillators
  • Time interval counters, HP and Stanford
  • High performance DVMs incl. HP3458A (2)
  • Computerised, multi-channel high performance
  • Phase comparators, 5, 10 and 100 MHz, 1 GHz
  • Network Analyser HP 8510A, HP3577A, HP4396A
  • Vector Signal Analyser HP89410A
  • Various microwave test equipment up to 20 GHz, e. g. spectrum-analysers, network analysers, microwave sources, power meters, counters…

All instruments are computer controlled by test and measuring software developed in-house.

Time Tech GmbH uses Softare tools such as:

  • APLAC, Microwave simulation and optimisation tool
  • eProduct Designer, Mentor Graphics
  • Mathlab – Simulink for System simulation including the Xilinx FPGA I/F
  • Stable 32 frequency stability analysis software
  • Database system for project management, parts procurement and document management
  • TOPCAD software for electronics design and drawing
  • AutoCAD for mechanical design
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • HP-VEE and LabView for computer-controlled testing, data recording and data analysis
  • XILINX Logic Cell Array Development
  • Various software development tools

Manufacturing and Test Facilities:

  • Mechanical and electromechanical workshop
  • Automatic SMD Assembly Line for prototyping and small to medium quantity production
  • Test workstations

For space-qualified manufacturing, integration and test of flight-hardware TimeTech uses:

  • One manufacturing clean room for subassembly manufacturing (Class 100000)
  • One air-conditioned test- and integration- clean room (up to Class 10000)
  • Computer controlled thermal and environmental test chamber (80cm*80cm*85cm)
  • Vacuum Chamber (up to 10-5 mbar)