Frequency Generation & Monitoring

Reference Generators

  • GPS Receiver
  • Reference Signal Distributor
  • NTP Server
  • Synchronisation to Optical Link input
  • Internal Oscillator (High Performance OCXO or Disciplined Rubidium)
  • Internal Oscillator is disciplined to a selected reference input (GPS,...)
  • Synchronises to a reference using external Phase Comparator unit
  • Optical Link to remote slave unit with transmission time delay compensation



Phase Comparators
6 channel, 100 MHz, with 5/10 MHz Option

  • High resolution and low noise
  • Arbitrary definition of reference channel
  • 6 inputs 100 MHz on SMA
  • M&C software on external PC
  • Data files compatible to STABLE32 software
  • Display Software providing phase, frequency and ADEV per channel.
  • Display S/W providing facility for defining virtual channels
  • Interface to REFGEN and CLEAN to synchronise to external reference
  • Option: 3-corner hat evaluation software based on cross-correlation



Synchronized Oscillators: Clean-Up & Offset Oscillators
5/100 MHz ultra low phase noise clean-up oscillator

  • Controlled by up to 5 input frequencies
  • Phase coherent fail-over, typical phase jump below 2 ps.
  • Capability for constant, linear and for quadratic offset control
  • Very low phase noise BVA oscillator as internal frequency source.
  • Operates stand-alone or in hold-over mode as low-noise source
  • Excellent long-term frequency stability when locked
  • On-line monitor of the loop stability
  • Monitor data stored for post-processing in an external PC.
  • File format compatible to STABLE32